Gypsy Youngraven (youngraven) wrote in irish_music,
Gypsy Youngraven

Spriggan on 1 December

On 1 December, Spriggan will be at the Plaza Pub in Arlington This is a relatively new pub, and the proprietor has just started having bands in to play. Since so many Irish bars in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area are Irish in name only, it's fantastic to have another pub in the vicinity that supports Celtic music. As you can guess, we're rather looking forward to our first show there. So, we're asking any of you lot who might be nearby to come out not only to hear us, but to show support for this new venue!

1 December 2007
8.00 PM - Midnight
The Plaza Pub
1605 New York (near Park Row Dr.)
Arlington, TX 76010

Here's a map:
Click me

If you've got a Google calendar (which I believe anybody who's got a Google account will have), you can click this link to add this event to said calendar. Fantastic, innit?

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